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Effexor 37.5 mg dose (1.75 per kg, IV), and 4-amino-1-methyl-6-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine (DMPA) (15 mg/kg, IV) were administered intraperitoneally. All study subjects were assessed on a predose (0 to 8 h) baseline in the morning, and 24 h later, on the morning of test day, as well at 7 and 28 d after initiation of the drug regimen. primary outcome was the change in Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HDRS) score from baseline to 7 d after each of 5 doses the antidepressant. Secondary outcomes included Clinical Global Impression-Severity in Major Depressive Disorder (CGI-SDMD) score at baseline and 7 d after each of 5 doses the antidepressant, BDI (the Beck Depression Inventory - Revised), the HAM-D (the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale), the Montgomery-Åsberg Scale (MADRS), and Hamilton Depression Rating Scale-Subthreshold Subgroup (HAMD-S). The HDRS score was primary outcome used because it may reflect a more stable depressive episode and its measurement is more sensitive than the HAM-D ( ). The placebo group included 14 subjects who received a 4:1:1 ratio of DMSO to vehicle, and 12 subjects who received the same dose of drug, but with the addition of DMSO. These subjects did not differ in any manner from the active treatment group except that they were significantly younger (78.2 ± 0.2 yrs, p = 0.0023), and were more frequently female (61.1 ± 1.9%) than the active treatment group (35.4 ± 6.5%) or from the placebo group (40.6 ± 7.3%). At the time of study, subjects' mean (SD) baseline age was 51.0 (9.4) yr and 53.1 (10.0) for the active treatment group and 52.7 (10.9) 54.8 (12.1) yr for the placebo group. Eligible patients with major depressive disorder were recruited between November 1998 and April 1999 from the community through advertisements and by a telephone screening. All patients had a score of ≥17 on HAM-D (Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression) or MADRS (Montgomery Asberg Depression Rating Scale, Montgomery et al., 1997) at screening. The exclusion criteria were: current Diclofenac 75 id rezeptfrei treatment with an active medication of any type; alcohol abuse; previous history of major depression; and previous history of suicide attempt. Patients were excluded regardless of gender, age, or use concomitant medications. All subjects provided informed written consent to participate as subjects, and their written consent was obtained at the screening session. Written informed consent for each subject was obtained Effexor xr $1.08 - pills Per pill prior to testing, but approval from the IRB was required before participation. EQUIVALENCE OF TREATMENT Two studies were conducted with placebo and 4:1:1 ratio generic effexor brand of DMAA (5 mg per kg, subcutaneously) plus DMSO to vehicle; the 4:1:1 ratio was not given during treatment, but DMAA was given in the 2 h period following dosing. One study consisted of 4 doses antidepressants, and the other 2 doses were same drug given in the 2 h immediately following dosing. In this latter study, the dose of 4:1:1 ratio was identical to that given by T2, but the doses of each active and placebo drug were identical in all other respects except that DMAA was given in the 2 h immediately following dosing. All studies were conducted in blinded fashion. general, the dose of antidepressant was adjusted according to the amount of DMSO administered ( ). When was at 5% of the dose in an open-label study, the dose of drug was 50 mg (25 per kg and 5 mg kg, respectively). Thus, for a dose of 12.5 mg per kg dose, the ratio of DMAA-DMSO was 3:1. This ratio used by the authors in their analysis of the data from these studies. In this study, the mean (SD) dose for 4:1:1 ratio was 20.5 (11.5) mg per kg and 17.4 (13.3) mg per kg during treatment and the total dose of DMAA was 1.75 mg (1.2 per kg). Thus, a dose of 17.4 mg per kg was used by the authors to represent a dose from which ratio of 3:1 was assumed. In both studies, the dose of DMSO ( ) was administered subcutaneously between 0 and 8 h after dosing. In both cases, patients were dosed with a single.

Effexor xr dosage 37.5

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