Economics of Prout covers the basic economic principles of Prout, which offers a viable alternative to the materialistic, anti-human philosophies of Capitalism and Communism.

The philosophy of Neo-Humanist education is based on extending the inherent love of human beings to all people, animals, plant life and the inanimate world.  Neohumanist education provides programs in which children will develop a universal outlook, free from all discrimination; they come to embrace all people as members of one human family, regardless of race, religion, colour, creed, or sex. Cultivation of the arts and music are also encouraged.

Womansong of Asheville, NC adds it’s voice to Annie Lennox’s global SING campaign. This performance was filmed June 19, 2010 at Womansong’s ‘She Sings’ concert.

After personally witnessing Nelson Mandela describe the African HIV pandemic as genocide, where women and children are the frontline victims, Annie Lennox set out to make a difference. She wrote a song, and started the global SING campaign. Annie stated, “We need to speak up for women who don’t have a voice. HIV has no boundaries. What would it mean to you, if your sister was HIV positive?”

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