Prout founder P. R. Sarkar speaks on:

Human Rights

“Those who do not have the tendency to deprive others cannot morally and justifiably accept the principles of individual ownership of wealth. The economic structure of the present world is not based on the principle of human rights. By the very acceptance of human rights we will have to keep ourselves ready for revolutionary changes and we shall also have to welcome them. The socialization of land, industry and trade is a major objective of that revolution.” (Prout in a Nutshell, Part 3)


“Materialism can never be the base of human life in any country because it is detrimental to the all-round development of human beings. The higher human and spiritual values of life stand unrecognized.” A Few Problems Solved, Part 6)

Minimum Necessities of Life

“I want that every person should be guaranteed the minimum physical requirements of life, every person should get scope for the full exploitation of psychic potentialities, and every person should get equal opportunity to attain absolute truth.” (A Few Problems Solved, Part 6)


“People who perpetrate any sort of oppression on collective life or on any human group cannot be pardoned. To pardon people under these circumstances not only shows weakness but also encourages injustice; consequently the oppressors become even more reckless.” (Prout in a Nutshell, Part 3)

Party Politics

“Those who make attempts to disturb human unity are mainly motivated by party politics. In fact, this malady is even more dangerous than germs. This gradually completely spoils the attributes of the human mind, like fine taste, simplicity, spirit and service. To such people the main objective is not social service but the service of the self, not human welfare but the welfare of the cabinet ministry.” (Prout in a Nutshell, Part 3)

Women’s Rights

“We stand to create a powerful, dynamic and upsurging social consciousness, especially among women, so that they are inspired to rise, abolish dogma and annihilate all symbols of slavery, and usher in a new era of coordinated cooperation and glorious achievement. Let women be the vanguard of a new revolution which humanity must achieve for a glorious tomorrow.” (A Few Problems Solved, Part 9)

Social Equality

“Till recently there was a defective idea in all the corners and amongst all the groups of people on the earth; that males are blessed beings and not females. In your family life, you know, you feel that the parents cannot have any sense of disparity in their mind regarding their sons and daughters. Both are equally important; both are equally loving. I said my sons and my daughters are just like two hands of mine. They are just like wings of a bird. A bird having one wing cannot fly.” (Ananda Vacanamrtram, Part 12)

Since his early childhood in Bihar, India, Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar [1922-1990] attracted others by his deep love for humanity and guided them along the path of self-realization. Adjusting the ancient science of Tantra Yoga to meet the needs of this age, he developed a scientific and rational philosophy and a system of practical disciplines for physical, mental and spiritual development. P. R. Sarker advocated for thoughtful social and political change throughout the world, and named this Progressive Utilization Theory, PROUT.

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