successWomen Proutists’ Vision Story

Women Proutists envision a future, twenty-five years from now, in which women and men are working together in coordinated cooperation on projects to eliminate inequality regimes. Women Proutists have taken a leadership role in advancing social justice, economic equality and education for women. Women have become the vanguard of society, promoting women as leaders so the whole society will be more just for all.

We were catalysts, smoothing the way for the change that needed to happen. By pointing out disparities between men and women and racial makeup of various organizations, a movement for social justice got its own momentum.  Women Proutists are playing a key role in bringing together networks that are working for greater social and economic equality. Women Proutists have transformed from being baby birds to mature birds, flying in conjunction with men in bringing about a new economy based on PROUT principles.

Around the world, women have begun to take on more leadership roles. The multi-culturalism movement has given rise to a larger network of interconnected samajas, e.g., socio-economic units based on common regional, cultural and economic interests. Mahila samaja (women’s samaja) plays a key role in this national and global network of samajas. Cooperatives have become widely established within the samajas, becoming the base of the new Prout economy, which has replaced capitalism.

Women Proutists have helped change the way women are viewed in society, and women are no longer viewed as second-class citizens. Women are respected as equals and as partners in creating an egalitarian society based on neo-humanism in which all people have the opportunity to achieve their true potentials and in working for the common good of all.

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